Latin Revolution Dance Academy Presents:

World Mastery


If you are looking for the next challenge in your Latin dance training, Pro-Am Competition Training is the next best step. With this program, you will have the chance to train and compete with a professional dancer and ultimately boost your confidence and your skills. 

Why compete?

1. IMPROVE YOUR DANCING:  Learning various routines in different dance styles will help you train to perfection.  You will focus on presentation, poise, grace, precision, timing, and overall style.  This is focused, one-on-one customized training geared to making you a better dancer.

2. EXPERIENCE THE RUSH:  Gain unforgettable life experiences as you hit the dance floor with your instructor.  Lasting friendships, positive experiences, the thrill of competition, will all be moments you will never forget. 

3. TAKE A CHALLENGE:  Competition training allows you to push yourself to new limits you never knew you were capable of.  This is such a rewarding experience as you excel beyond your dreams.

4. WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTORS: You will be paired with a world class instructor who has years of experience and who’s only task is to make you look and perform your absolute best. You can rest easy knowing your partner will be as committed as you are. 

How does it work?

1. You will be paired with an instructor who will train you for competition, and also compete with you in competitions.
2. You will then enter into various local competitions and only compete at your skill level against other dancers at your skill level. You will have the choice of competing a choreographed routine, or competing in ‘heated’ competition, which is freestyle dancing with your instructor.
3.  Depending on what competition you want to enter into, you will commit to 5 – 15 private lessons with your instructor who will teach you the ins and outs of competing. 

Let’s get started!