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Salsa dance is one of the most dance styles with Caribbean rhythm and African roots. Popular among the Latin American communities, Salsa dancing is now being practiced all around the world, especially Europe and Asia. Its rhythm is catchy and sensual, and it is easy to learn. However, mastering this art is easier said than done, which is why there are dance schools all around the world, teaching this magically musical dance form.  Latin Revolution Dance Academy has Salsa dance lessons and we ensure a fun and safe environment to learn to dance.

Origin Of Salsa

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The history of Salsa dates back to the early 20th century when several rhythms and dance styles were blended to create this beautiful dance. Two main styles forming the base of Salsa dancing are Cuban son and Afro-Cuban rumba. The new rhythm took its time to reach the dance lovers of America. Fania Records played a significant role in the rise of Salsa music. The label became very famous and produced some Salsa legends such as Celia Cruz, Cheo Feliciano, Rubén Blades and Héctor Lavoe. The diversity in the rhythm of Salsa music gave the world a new sound that has evolved with regions and time.

Below are a list of different styles of Salsa dancing

Colombian Style Salsa 

Colombian Salsa dancing started in Colombia marks the difference in the music called ‘Cumbia.’ It is quite similar to the original Salsa rhythm but has pauses between the first and the last three beats. Feet movement in this style is tricky as they cannot move forward and backward. Instead, you have to move them to the center and back and then sideways.

Cuban Style Salsa

With body isolation and hip movement, Cuban style Salsa dancing is just like the original Salsa dancing. It has simple footwork, fewer spins and is more male-dominated. If you see the dancers moving around each other, it is the Cuban style.

Miami Style Salsa 

This Latin dance is the advanced version of Cuban Salsa. Carried out circularly, the moves of the Miami salsa dancing are intricate and require flexibility.

L.A Style Salsa

This style is one of the most potent and energetic versions of Salsa dance. It requires flips, drops and dips on the back and forth mambo music.  Nimble footwork and jazzy movements make this form quite complicated to master.

Puerto Rican Style Salsa 

Puerto Rican Salsa dancing can be danced on ‘On 1’ and ‘On 2’. Generally, it requires swift and complicated individual footwork after breaking away from the partner. This style is quite opposite to the New York style as the leader breaks on ‘2’. The dancers breaking away resembles the Puerto Rico style. 

New York Style Salsa

Introduced by Eddie Torres, this style of Salsa is danced ‘On 2’.  New York-style Salsa dance is also known as the ‘Mambo’ style. Multiple spins, shine, and cross-body lead variations are a part of this highly musical and rhythmic style.

Casino Rueda style salsa

Originating in Havana, this style involves switching and swapping partners. In this dance, couples are to move in circles and ensure that the loop does not break. It makes the dance difficult as it requires speed, agility and memory to execute about 150-300 moves. All couples perform the move simultaneously creating a stunning effect. 

Salsa Styling and Shines

With time various styling techniques have been added to the Salsa dancing. The shines, leg work, arm work, body movement, spins, body isolations, shoulder shimmies and rolls have become a massive trend in Salsa dancing. Shines are the individual freestyle dance performed by the dancer when the leaders break away. Suzy Q’s are a common type of shine performed by most dancers.  If you want to conquer all of these, join us as we offer the best Salsa dance lessons in Toronto.

Tips For Salsa Dancing

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To strengthen your skills and get the most out of your salsa lessons, you should do some homework. The first is to improve your core strength to perform all those intricate movements. Brace your abdominal muscles with light exercises to do your best. Next is to watch Salsa dancing and observe the other dancer performing the moves on the beat. Last but not least is to see yourself dancing. Look into the mirror and watch your steps. Now enroll in our Salsa Classes in Toronto, polish your skills and live your dreams.

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