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Sarah Elaine Mclay
My partner and I registered for Ballroom Dancing at Latin Revolution. Him and I were very happy with how welcoming Dave was when we first joined and we were impressed by the studio location. Also, our ballroom teacher Uly was lovely. She really cares about her dance students. She is motivating and takes the time to give helpful personalized feedback during each class. Looking forward to learning more ballroom forms next term!

Manjola K
So much fun for my husband and I. We did the level 1 salsa lessons and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Dave was so patient and accommodating. I cant believe we were able to pick it up and pull together a routine so fast. We will definitely be taking more lessons here.

Teresa Tucci
David is a fantastic instructor! My partner and I started together and I was terrified, but David made the whole experience, effortless and fun,I really got out of my comfort zone too. I would highly recommend anyone that is curious just to dive in and try it! Thank You.. Teresa & Mike

Laura C
Dave is just the coolest guy and made it so fun to learn salsa! I had zero experience and after 5 weeks I’m one of the greats (just kidding but I more or less know how to salsa). Highly recommend!!

Irena Mazor
I am delighted to have David as my dance teacher. His ability to put me at ease is as masterful as his teaching skills. David’s warm, positive energy and his sense of humor, makes me feel confident and happy with my learning ?
Thank you David

Mahsa G
Dave is an excellent teacher, very patient, caring, energetic and always smiling. My partner and I completed level 1 salsa with him. We were initially a bit nervous but Dave helped build confidence in our dancing abilities. We are looking forward to doing level 2 with him as well!!

Pryanka B
Decided to spend some quality time with my sisters and choosing Latin Revolution Dance Academy was the best way to do it! The instructors were welcoming, friendly, informative, and made the whole experience so much more fun then we had anticipated it to be. Taking this one salsa class has definitely encouraged me to look into booking more class with them.

Vijay Mahadeo
Dave’s classes are always so very fun while still being incredibly informative. Dave is supportive and tailors his lessons to the individual students needs even in a group setting. Im always excited to see friendly familiar faces as well as curious new ones whenever I attend Dave’s classes.

sylvia lau
If you want to learn a salsa style that is very different, challenging with a lot of fun Latin Revolution is the place to go. Dave is patient with a pitch of fire. He enjoys teaching and seeing his students grow on the dance floor.
Thanks Dave

Deanna Del Vecchio
A fun and friendly environment with a knowledgable and enthusiastic instructor. The classes are well organized and you’ll build on your skills each week. Highly recommended!

Jaismin .Kaur
My partner and I joined latin revolution for Bachata level 1 and it was such an amazing experience for us. Dave was so patient and made everything look so easy and simple. We really had a good time and I will be going for back for Level 2 as well. Thank you so much Dave!

Abbey Helmeste
My partner and I are just finishing up Salsa Level 1. David is a great teacher, he is fun, energetic and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He creates an environment in class that allows you to learn and enjoy the process. We would love to come back and do level 2 with him. Overall we strongly recommend this dance school.

Nelia Amaral
Such a fun class with a great enthusiastic, instructor. Loved the first class. Looking forward to the rest.

Luck Sipin
Cozy place. Very accessible. Friendly Atmosphere. Great dance Floor. Check this place out and learn!!! Dave is very approachable.

Anthony Lefrancois
Had a great time learning level 1 salsa and bachata at Latin revolution. The environment is friendly and the instructor is very good!

Susana Lopez
Dave is patient…?  but that’s just one of the many reasons why he is the best person to learn dance from. He is extremely positive, charismatic, profesional and of course extremely talented. I leave every class with a huge smile on my face and it’s all thanks to Dave. Thank you for following your passion and encouraging us to keep dancing❤️  See you in an hour!

Alexandra Rosal
Great! Dave is a great teacher, very knowledgeable. The other students are very nice, and welcoming.

Imagine 3 months ago, I didn’t now how to dance at all. Never attended any courses or workshops and I’m very happy that I actually found a courage and signed up for classes at this studio. I have to say, that I enjoyed every single class so far and can’t wait to learn more. Dave is a great instructor, teacher, dancer, very professional, polite and patient. I love his positive attitude and overall environment in his studio. It’s been a wonderful experience and I look forward to my classes. Thank you Dave!

Doug Broughton
This is an amazing place to go.This I my first time taking dancing lessons. My partner and I enjoy the classes . Dave is a great teacher and patient with his students. We recommend Latin Revolution Dance Academy to everyone

Yolanda Foley
Very good detailed explanation of the technique and the reason why it’s needed and how it relates with your dancing.

kate fil
Stumbled upon this dance studio through groupon a couple months ago. Now starting Salsa Level 3 and couldn’t be more pleased! Dave is a great teacher, who makes each class fun and challenging. Looking forward to many more dance classes!

Nancy Rizzo
Great studio! Super fun and energetic instructor.

Lidiia Novikova
I was looking for a studio for so long, the price for the lesson is important but as I found out – all of them are pretty much the same, but the other thing that was really important to me – the instructor! I want the instructor to love what he is doing, when I look at the instructor I want to feel like I want to dance! When I saw Dave dancing, I understood I found what I was looking for! Thanks!

Dawn Jacob
I just finished Bachata Level one and find Dave as an excellent teacher The class is fun, exciting and challenging. The studio space is good, calm and inviting. I definitely recommend his studio.

Deborah Vanderkruk
I highly recommend. I took my first lesson today. Dave is an excellent teacher, and patiently goes through the steps. The space is modern and bright; you’ll want to return.

Eva Chiu
Dave’s dance classes are awesome. Not only a lot of fun but also his way of teaching and joyful personality make the class very interesting. I recommend Latin Revolution Dance Academy!

Lena Gorelick
Dancing with Dave is so much fun that I can’t wait till the next time. He is kind, friendly and funny. He is easily one of the most passionate instructors I know. Try it yourself!

Thomas Wright
From someone who had never taken a dance class before in my life I have to say, Latin Revolution Dance Academy and our instructor Dave have been absolutely phenomenal. I went from incredibly anxious to energetically excited and I can genuinely say I look forward to each class. Not a bad thing to say about this place and I look forward to many more lessons!

Nick Ferraro
Went with my wife to a class and loved every second of it. The instructor, Dave, was fun and charismatic. He taught the class of students with various levels of dancing experience and being someone with no experience I felt comfortable and able to keep up. Highly recommend this dance school. Dave is able to make learning to dance seem fun and easy. It was a great class!

Monica Gunaratnam
Super nice instructer! I’m a super awkward person but by the end of it I loosened up.

Claudia Chiappetta
Great course! I took the Kizomba level 1 and really enjoyed every aspect of it. Dave is extremely patient, knowledgeable and passionate about dance. After the first class, I already knew I was going to take level 2 with him.

Diane Robert
I just finished some private Salsa lessons with David and the idea was to build my confidence and also to help with some of the dance technicalities. Believe me it worked and that is the reason why I am writing this up.
David loves to dance and it shows in his personality. His teaching is fun but also very dedicated and is main goad is for you to enjoy being out there doing something that you love and be the best that you can be. His studio also reflects his personality.
I would strongly invite everyone to come out and take up dancing.
It does not matter whether you are new to the dancing world or have more experienced or are single or have a partner or you are young or older you never stop learning…I am looking forward to more dance classes.
Keep on dancing….

Samira Mahjoub
I took Salsa Level 1, and it has been a great class. David is an amazing instructor. He’s knowledgeable, fun and entertaining. One hour passes by so quickly and I always look forward to the next class. Every week we’re learning new moves. He spend equal amount of time with everyone and always make sure everyone understands the moves. Has been a great experience and will definitely recommend 🙂

Zoi Monroy
I have the opportunity to have Dave, some of his students and team members to come to Sudbury, Ontario to the 2nd Annual Northern Latin Congress. Dave and Sheila are super enthusiastic, professional, and amazing dancers. They did two workshops: Bachata and Salsa during the day and everyone loved it. Then in the evening they did a free style performance which blew everyone minds. Thank you so much for coming to the North and dance with us. We will have you guys again here next year!
If you are looking to learn some Latin rhythms you need to go see Dave at Latin Revolution Dance Academy.
Keep dancing!
Zoi Monroy

Norman Wellington
Lessons and instructors are both great.
Practical moves you can instantly use on the dance floor.
I have been getting quite a few positive comments about my dancing especially Kizomba. One person who I have dance with a few times before recently asked me if I am taking lessons because my dancing has improved, Another commented that he like my classical, authentic Kizomba style. Looking forward to taking classes and social dancing at Wild Wings on Sunday and Monday.
Thank you David and Latin Revolution.

Sandra Kayyali
My Latin Revolution Dance journey started in July – Kizomba Beginner Level 1 and this review is way overdue and VERY well deserved! I am now starting level 3 and where do I begin?! Being a Groupon junkie, I came across a voucher for Latin Revolution Dance Studio, my only requirements were price point and location and so I bought it and hoped for the best as it seemed too cheap to be good. Best Groupon purchase ever!!! Always wanting, but never having pursued official dance lessons, I didn’t really know what to expect. Dave (owner and instructor) has made my dance experience not only very enjoyable with his infectious energy and relentless passion for dance but instrumental in learning the foundation and art to Kizomba. Underestimating it’s not just simply move to the rhythm but rather grasping the basics to be able to move to the rhythm. Not to worry, if you don’t get it, Dave is there every step of the way to ensure you do. I especially appreciate his constructive critiques and encouragement. Don’t underestimate his patience as it certainly is bottomless, taking the time to guide you through each step and ensure you are comfortable to move on. Dave takes pride in his passion to dance but also proving that in his ability to teach…beginners like me. Should you wonder why his studio isn’t wallpapered with mirrors, there’s a very good reason why…but I’ll let you ask Dave. The flexibility of his class schedules allows me to pursue both a busy career and my passion now for Kizomba. After each class, Dave will also send you an instructional YouTube video of the steps taught for that lesson; extremely helpful while practicing outside of the studio. Onto level 3 and I couldn’t be more thrilled and motivated to advance to someday be able to reach performance level. Thank you, Dave, for your continued dedication, motivation, support, belly laughter, and the list goes on…I couldn’t be more thrilled to have you as my official dance instructor.

Vladimir Kapichen
After visiting many of another dance studios, I would like to highlight the Latin Revolution Dance Academy and in this the personal merit of the dance instructor Dave Palombi. He is not only a professional teacher but also an excellent choreographer. A unique approach to each student gives the impression that you are on personal training class. Dave will send you an Email with a practical and theoretical video of the last lesson learned. During my first visit to the Latin Revolution Dance Academy, Dave Palombi fascinated me with his tireless energy and charisma.I recommend the Latin Revolution Dance Academy to anyone who wants to plunge into the bright world of Latin dancing.Through the dance, Dave will help the ladies feel like a woman, and the guys – the leaders.Choosing Latin Revolution Dance Academy I am very satisfied. I am very pleased with my progress in the art of dance and thanks for that.

Droid Net Services
Dave at Latin Revolution Dance Academy is a very knowledgeable and experienced dance instructor. I was looking for a place that offered one on one lessons where I could re-learn and correct salsa steps that I knew wouldn’t cut it on the dance floor. His lesson incorporate many styles of salsa dancing and it keeps me wanting to learn more. I have never left a class feeling discouraged because Dave is such an upbeat and positive person. I have come a long way in very little time. 5 years ago I thought I would end up having to use a walker due to some nerve damage and here I am today taking salsa lessons. Thank you Dave for being so patient. I look forward to learning more and to one day soon choreographing something to one of my fav. songs.

Sarah Lanzalone

I recently completed Level 1 Kizomba with Dave from Latin Revolution. I had a wonderful experience. The studio is clean and very inviting. The location is easy to access and parking is easily accessible and free. As an instructor, Dave is enthusiastic, encouraging and has the ability to communicate effectively. Dave’s passion as a dancer and instructor is very visable in his ability to demonstrate patience and utilize a variety of instructional methods.

I have had the opportunity to attend some of Dave’s social events (Mr. Bachata and Kizombaland). They are very inviting to both beginner and experienced dancers. The crowd is warm and welcoming and everyone appears to be enjoying the lesson and the music. I have recently signed up for level 2 kizomba and I look forward to continuing to dance with Latin Revolution. I highly recommend this dance studio to all levels of dancers.

Nishad Jan
Thanks Dave for your patience! You were amazing helping me with my dance moves!

Magz Zita
Dave is an amazing, professional, very knowledgeable and super friendly instructor!!
Not only does he ensure you learn the dances in a professional way, but makes sure you have fun in the process. I’d highly recommend Latin Revolution Dance Academy to anyone. You won’t regret it!!!

Elaine Marcotte
My husband and I took Salsa Level 1. We had a lot of fun with David and learned new moves every week. Plus, classes were on Saturdays, which I really liked.

mylez lago
My girlfriend and I just finished salsa level 1 and it was really fun! David is an awesome instructor- patient and kind 🙂

Nicholas Pratile
Fantastic experience at Latin Revolution Dance Academy! Dave is an amazing instructor with incredible knowledge of all different types and styles of dance. The atmosphere is amazing, It is so enjoyable from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend this studio to friends and family!

mich elle
What an amazing dance lesson experience. David is amazing and patient. I highly recommend and would definitely sign up for classes again soon.

DanceThis MessAround
Amazing! Latin Revolution offers salsa, bachata and kizomba lessons from beginner to very advanced with a unique curriculum you won’t find anywhere else! Dave is a very knowledgeable and passionate teacher!

Silvia Valdivieso
Dave is an enthusiastic instructor who has helped me to improve in salsa and bachata and has taught me the importance of staying safe on the floor dance and effectively connecting with a partner. Dave Tthank you for leading my way through a dance journey!

ChooseLife WithoutWaste
I have recently completed Kizomba Level 1 at Latin Revolution Dance Academy and had such a wonderful time learning with David Palombi.
He teaches us proper technique and body alignment with patience and professionalism, he is passionate, flexible, adaptable and is dedicated that all of his students gain confidence in their newly acquired skills in preparation for the next level. While being thorough, Dave is a whole lot of fun and it makes every class a dance party. I am looking forward to start Level 2 very shortly.
I strongly recommend Latin Revolution Dance Academy if you are interested in learning Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba.

Dan D
I took lessons at this dance studio…it was great good energy. BTW I’m 61yrs young and it was a pleasure dancing with the ladies..I recommend this studio…check it out you won’t be disappointed….

Phil Palombi
The teaching is excellent. Dave definitely knows his stuff and makes the class a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend this school and courses to everyone!

Andrew Kazimierski
Latin Revolution Dance Academy is a great place to learn Kizomba, Salsa or Bachata for all levels. David Palombi is a great teacher: he is very friendly, patient and knowledgeable. His group lessons are like private lessons. I highly recommend this school from my own experience.

Anastasiya Uzluk
I have done 3 intro classes so far and feel like I’ve made a lot of progress. The classes are a lot of fun and move at a good pace.

Fortnite Rocks!
Daves privates are absolutely the best! I learned so much and feel much more confident with my dancing since taking some lessons with Dave.

Sheila Penton

Dave is a great teacher and makes sure his students are comfortable with the steps and having fun.

I took his Salsa Level 2 class – I had fun doing the shines and learned some good following techniques from the partner patterns that he taught.

Andrew Kazimierski
Latin Revolution Dance Academy is a great place to learn Kizomba, Salsa or Bachata for all levels. David Palombi is a great teacher: he is very friendly, patient and knowledgeable. His group lessons are like private lessons. I highly recommend this school from my own experience.

Nicole Lamb
I like Dave’s classes because they move quickly and he is dedicated to the student’s progression. Thanks Dave!

Andrew Bell
A fantastic place to learn to dance! Friendly and very informative!

Marzena Hladowczak

Vlad Stanev
Classes are really fun and professional. I’ve already learned more than I expected. If you’re on the fence, just try it!

Sharon Edwards

Amber Layne

Veronika Bojic

Veronika Uzlyuk

Anne (GroupOn)
1st class today. David was welcoming and made everyone feel comfortable. Nice studio; about to expand space. Learned initial steps. Fun experience. Looking forward to next week! Very pleased I signed up.

Corinne (GroupOn)
Amazing ! Just what I needed after the holidays I was nervous and had anxiety Warm welcome …The instructor couldn’t be more accommodating He read the class well and then applied his magic He made all feel accepted One …two …three …4 , 5 ,6 He promised we will all get the moves in time Here’s hoping We laughed and had fun Looking forward to the next Perfect escape Highly recommend

Maryla (GroupOn)
Great place to learn and have fun! Teacher is amazing! I strongly recommend it!

Melissa (GroupOn)
David is an amazing Instructor. He’s full of energy and very patient with with all his student. You can tell he has a passion for teaching the arts of Latin dance. Looking forward to the rest of our classes.

Heebah (GroupOn)
love Dave. He brought so much energy and light heartedness to the class. His techniques were also beautiful and easy to follow.

Lidiia (GroupOn)
I was looking for a studio for so long, the price for the lesson is important but as I found out – all of them are pretty much the same, but the other thing that was really important to me – the instructor! I want the instructor to love what he is doing, when I look at the instructor I want to feel like I want to dance! When I saw Dave dancing, I understood I found what I was looking for! Thanks!

Michelle (GroupOn)
David is an outstanding and patient instructor. Classes are fun. Highly recommended.

Artur (GroupOn)
Great school great teacher!

Christine (GroupOn)
Recently completed Kizomba Level 1 @ Latin Revolution Dance Academy. Had a wonderful time learning with David Palombi. He teaches proper technique & body alignment with patience & professionalism, he is passionate, fun, flexible, adaptable, dedicated to ensure that all of his students gain confidence in their newly acquired skills to move onto the next level. I strongly recommend learning here.

Gabriel (GroupOn)
Great time

Andrew (GroupOn)


David is a patient and enthusiastic instructor. A very fun and professional place to learn to dance!