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The cha-cha-chá, informally called cha-cha, is a dance of Cuban origin.  It is danced to the music of the same name introduced by Cuban composer and violinist Enrique Jorrin in the early 1950s. This rhythm was developed from the danzón-mambo. The name of the dance is an onomatopoeia derived from the shuffling sound of the dancers’ feet when they dance the three consecutive quick steps that characterize the dance.  Just watch how Tania & Adolfo dance the Cha Cha.

The Cha Cha dance style came into existence in the early 1950s from Cubin and is one of the noteworthy dance genres across the globe. It was composed by violinist Enrique Jorrin and is also called the Cha Cha Cha dance. It is a Latin American dance that consists of 2 slow moves and 3 fast moves. If you are interested in getting enrolled yourself, come to our Latin Revolution Academy, where every dance genre is taught from Salsa to Kizomba.

Our Academy makes sure to train every student with distinction and professionalism so that they come out from the academy with talent and ability to teach other people. We listen to our students attentively to know what type of music they are interested in and what kind of dance they want to learn. Once we know their expertise, we teach them according to their desire so that they quickly pick the moves. Our Academy is situated in Toronto and has been serving for the last many years.

Almost every other person is interested in music, which enables them to keep their soul alive. Cha Cha dance is another eminent dance style out of many dance genres where thousands of people go in for. We also organize events for our students, where they can show their talent along with trained partners. The event is held now and then for our valuable students.

What is Cha Cha Dance

Cha Cha or Cha Cha Cha dance that is a Ballroom dance came into being after World War 2 and is being emanated by Africans. Since its release, it is termed one of the notable Latin dances where people love to perform on its beat. It is a fun and lively dance to execute on, which is a quick choice of every professional and non-professional person.

In Cha Cha dance, various steps and hip moves are required. You have to dance on 3 quick/fast beats followed by 2 slow beats. We have many trained and expert teachers who teach students with high quality and prominence. Our academy is named one of Toronto’s worth visiting academies where every dance genre is being enlightened.

Cha Cha Dance History

The Cha Cha dance that is also known as Cha Cha Cha dance started in the 1950s by mixing 2 other dances ‘Danzon’ and ‘Mambo.’ While working with the charanga bunch, ‘Orquesta America’ in Cuba performed at ballrooms in Havana. Enrique Jorrin, a musician and author, understood that a large portion of the groups related the danzon-mambo cadence to a much more slow mambo move and, in this manner, had difficulty embracing the timed rhythms.

He chose to make music entirely centered around the main downbeat to such an extent that the beat turned out to be less timed. This made the group artists build up a triple step, making the sound ‘cha-cha-cha’ with their shoes; therefore, the cha-cha-cha came into being.

Many people perceived their own insight about its origin hence few named it Cha Cha while a few named it Cha Cha Cha that’s why it is being called by both the names. In the United States, it started revolutionizing in 1954, and until 1959 it gained immense popularity. In 1953, the musicians made 2 more compositions, and with time, many more came into being.

With time Cha Cha dance reached other countries, and within no time, people accepted it and started dancing on its beat. Today it is spread all over the world, and people from every corner of the world love to dance to its rhythm.

Cha Cha Dance Technique

With a few techniques, anyone can get their hands on it quickly. Let me explain to you about those techniques that will help every person in learning this dance instantly.

1- Footwork

In this dance genre, footwork is fundamental. At the start, take the steps in all the directions with the foot’s ball, after which use the heels after releasing the weight. Once you let go of the weight, your heels should liberate first. It would be best if you placed your feet at a comfortable distance from your hips to move it fully. Otherwise, it will become hard for you to take a complete step.

2- Legs Movement

Those who have just started learning Cha Cha dance are being said to keep their legs straight. The more professional you are, the more straight you will keep your legs. As per Latin dance, knees and thighs should pass each other firmly, and however, feet ought to be turned out. However, it should not be to the degree of uncovering the inward thigh. If the internal thigh is revealed, the legs can bow, and an unwanted hole between legs is regularly noticeable, breaking the line from head to toe.

3- Hips Movement

In Cha Cha Dance, you have to do many hip movements, so make sure to practice on it more and more. Your hips should work steadily during the dance. Usually, it occurs when you bend and keep your knees straight. When you turn your legs, your hips naturally settle towards the required direction. During the entire dance, your hips should be at the horizontal level, don’t let it fall. Your lower part of the body should be free from the upper part, and it is how you will do the best hip movements.

4- Timings

Beginners often find it hard to get along with the beats, which occurs in every dance genre. However, with practice, you can have a firm grip on it. Try to repeat the wording of instructors when they do counting. It is one of the best ways to practice timings. Usually, it starts with Count 1 in which we do a preparation step while on Count 2 we do a break step, and it is how the counting goes on.

Cha Cha Dance Lessons

Cha Cha is composed of four beats, and each beat comprises 3 fast and 2 slow moves. The instructor counts the words 1,2, Cha Cha Cha, or sometimes step, step, step, or quick step. In this dance genre, you don’t need to work on footsteps because it is easy to perform simply by keeping your legs straight and putting all the weight on foot balls. It is a part dance where you have to take 5 steps on 4 beats.

Various people start from scratch, so we make sure not to do complex things for them. We keep it straightforward and simple so that it encourages people to learn it. Let’s put a light on a few primary steps that men and women should practice on.

Steps For Men

  1. Take a step with your left foot at the left side
  2. Move back and take a step with your right foot at the left
  3. Put a weight on your left foot
  4. Take a step at your right with your right foot
  5. Lift your left foot to your right foot
  6. Take a step forward and take a step with your left foot at the right
  7. Put a weight on your right foot
  8. Be at the left side by using your left foot
  9. Lift your right foot to your left foot

Steps for Women

  1. Use your right foot and take a step at the right side
  2. Move forward and right by using your left foot
  3. Put your weight on your right foot
  4. By using your left foot take a step at the left side
  5. Lift your right foot at the right side
  6. By using your left foot, take a step at your right
  7. Move back and left utilizing your right foot
  8. Put the entire weight on your left foot
  9. By using the right foot, be at the right side
  10. Move your left foot at the right foot

Miscellaneous Steps

Various Miscellaneous steps are a part of Cha Cha dance that are simple to be performed. Some only require simply clapping hands, while a few may become a bit complex. Let me mention those steps that you may quickly try.

  • On the song beat, clap your hands.
  • Bounce once while using both feet
  • Turn a quarter turn, so you are currently looking to one side of where you began. This progression requires utilizing an adjusted grapevine, utilizing the leg intersection to assist you with moving into the turn.
  • Next comes the criss-cross where you have to jump and instantly cross your legs and move back to the position you started.
  • Bend and place your hands on your knees.
  • On a few lyrics, you have to bend to the floor and later move your body up.
  • Do the Charlie Brown by hopping forward on one leg and afterward back on the other, kicking the front knee up as you bounce back.

Cha Cha Dance Levels

Not everyone starts at zero, so we have different levels for all the students, and they can choose according to their expertise. We have 3 levels starting from beginners to experts. Anyone can enroll themselves at any level according to their want. If you are already in between the dance yet want to improve your dancing skills, you are free to sign up  in level 1. Those level incorporate:

1- Beginners (Level 1)

As the word Beginner describes that level 1 is for those who have just started learning the dance and know nothing about it. As you are a beginner, we will not stress you out by teaching difficult and complicated steps. We will teach you how to take turns and how to hold a grip on movements. Even if you are already aware of the skills yet want to have a more strong grip on it, you can also start from this level for polishing your skills. Once we are satisfied with you, we will proceed with you to the next level.

2- Intermediate (Level 2)

It is for those who are now familiar with the basics and want to move ahead. It requires a bit of complexity because now you are about to learn further, and with each passing level, you have to go to the advanced side. Though it will take more time on level 2, yet with consistency and diligence, you can get your hands on it. Once you are done with this level, you have become a professional Cha Cha dancer because our next level doesn’t require any training. It is all about taking challenges that are accepted by trained dancers. At this level, we will teach you how to work on your hip and footwork.

3- Advanced (Level 3)

The last step is your final result that will show how much you have learned till now, or are you up for the other challenges. If you call yourself a master in Cha Cha dance, you have to compete with other trained dancers to know how much you have accomplished. The only challenging level is ‘Advanced’, where you will learn new and hard things that might take a lot of time to discover our trained instructors yet make sure no one gets their hands down while learning any new dance genre. With these three levels, you can become a trained dancer.

Cha Cha Dance Elements

There are 3 basic elements of Cha Cha dance that everyone should know before starting practicing it. Those primary elements include:

1- Walking Steps

It is one of the simplest elements where you have to move forward and backward. The total step that you take forward should be repeated back too. We put a lot of weight on our ball of feet with which we move forward and back.

2- Side Step

We will start from our left foot, where you have to move on your left side by keeping the legs straight and attached to each other. Later we will repeat the steps on our right side simultaneously. Remember that you have to put your weight on your balls of feet. Keep on repeating the steps on both sides.

3- Forward and Back Steps

This element requires to move forward and back. While placing your left foot back, you have to put your right foot forward and keep on repeating the steps. During all this process, keep moving your arms in a particular area. You have to follow the movements underneath your body. 

Cha Cha Music

Cha Cha music is one of the highly adored music and is being practiced everywhere. Those who show their concern in its music might know the various hit compositions, while those who are new to this field should listen more and more to have a grip on its steps. If you are a new dancer, then you should stick to the slow beats as it will help you in learning and understanding the lyrics properly. To learn the dance accurately, you should keep on listening to music to get familiar with its beat and rhythms. Let’s talk about a few Cha Cha songs that we often play in our academy to teach the students.

1- “Oye Como Va” by Celia Cruz

It is one of the classic Cha Cha songs with which everyone must be familiar if you haven’t listened to it yet then you must be missing something big. This song always makes everyone’s mood and brings them to the dance floor. It is a fun-loving song that is good for new members because it has explicit lyrics. Do give this song a try and practice on it.

2- “Quiereme Na’Ma” by La 33

It is another excellent option for those who are new to this field. It has a slow beat with clear lyrics and makes everyone fall for it. If you are looking for an amazing composition on which you can practice, pick this song and enjoy dancing on its beat. We often play this song in our institute because students thoroughly enjoy it.

3- “Smooth” by Santana ft. Rob Thomas

This cha-cha melody is so hot and is a decent medium-moderate pace that makes it reasonable for amateurs. It’s great for artists who experience difficulty connecting with their provocative side, for ladies, we instruct them to imagine that this person is singing for them, and for men, we advise them to imagine that they’re the attractive voiced vocalist and it is how they perform the best on this composition.

4- “Ay Morena” by Miami Latin

We love to play this song in our academy as it is genuinely coy and has a great deal of good and bad times, which lets you indeed play around with movement in case you’re doing an everyday practice to it. It has got a pleasant, reliable, simple to follow the beat. It’s somewhat quick for tenderfoots who are new to moving cha-cha; however, you’ll truly like this melody on the off chance that you have some involvement in cha-cha, I think you’ll really like this melody.

Cha Cha Music Characteristics

As per Odilio Urfé, cha-cha-chá was a melodic type that depended on the mood of danzón-mambo yet with an alternate auxiliary origination. It used components of chotis madrileño and a monodic vocal style. After “La Enganadora”, Urfé’s unique structure was incredibly changed by Jorrín and different authors.

The main component that separates cha-cha-chá from danzón is the rhythm cell that gives its name to the class. It is additionally noteworthy that cha-cha-chá forsakes the components from children that were joined into the danzonete, and comes back to the exacting usage of expressive components that emerged and were created with regards to the danzón.

During the 1950s, cha-cha-chá kept up its prevalence because of the endeavors of numerous Cuban writers who knew about the method of making danzones and who released their innovativeness on the cha-cha-chá, for example, Rosendo Ruiz. Cha Cha was first introduced to the general population through the instrumental model of charanga, a run of the mill Cuban move band group composed of a woodwind, strings, piano, bass and percussion. The prominence of this music likewise restored the prevalence of this sort of ensemble.

About our Academy

Our academy is providing dancing services for the last many years, and today we succeeded in developing our image to a great extent. People from across the globe come and visit our academy. We are situated in Toronto and teach dance of every genre, be it Salsa, Kizomba, or Cha Cha, you will get training of every dance type.

In our 5-week classes, we make sure that people reach their full take over on a particular dance. Every week, we conduct 1 class of 60 minutes that is enough for everyone. You don’t need to bring anything with you as you will be provided basic things by the academy staff.

If you are not comfortable dancing among people, you have an opportunity for private classes on additional charges where our teachers will fully cooperate with you. Hence, you are getting everything in a single room, so why not give it a try. For further information, head over to our official website to get all the required information about our academy and staff.

Final Thoughts

Dance is a passion for many people, but due to fewer opportunities, they often won’t be able to learn it. Our Latin Revolution academy is giving a chance to every student who is fond of music or dance. We are famous for our quality based training and make people satisfied and happy in the end.

If you are also looking for a chance to learn any dance genre, come to our academy, where you will be taught every dance style. Our instructor has more than 10 years of experience and is practicing it for the last many decades. With a 5 weeks course, you will be able to develop a new skill in you to build your future. Be our next student and enjoy our services where you will be trained with joy and amusement.