Health and Social Benefits of Dancing, Especially Salsa Dancing
August 8, 2018

Quicksteps, fast beat, and Latin dance moves are found television shows nowadays. It’s hard to miss shows like So You Think You Can Dance or Dance with the Stars. There are many popular shows filled with a lot of dance moves and sexy styles, all coming from Latin dances, especially the salsa dance. Not only are Latin dance moves available in TV shows, nowadays they are almost everywhere. You will find Zumba in fitness classes, clubs as well as schools and other places where people love adding a little social dancing as a way of lightening up things. Here are the benefits to expect from Latin dances.

Weight loss

Latin dances, especially salsa dance allow increased blood circulation, which helps burn calories and improve stamina. In general, it is estimated that a session of Latin dance can help you burn anything from 5 to 10 calories depending on the intensity and speed.

Target all muscle groups

You might wonder why people from all walks of life enjoy salsa. Salsa focus on all muscle groups like the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and the core. The salsa moves performed in sequences help tone your muscles and maintain the best posture possible.

Relieves stress and improves memory

When it comes to Latin dance, more is involved than just dance and following the moves. You need to memorize the steps and recall them on a daily basis. Since there is music played, the beats help relieve stress for many participants. An hour class will leave you with a positive mindset.

Lower cholesterol

We know that your cholesterol is what determines your health. Latin dance moves aids in lipid control and lowers your cholesterol level. It also aids blood sugar control, making these dances the best dances for people fighting diabetes.

Aid joint and bone health

Dancing prevents osteoporosis for both men and women. It’s even more beneficial for women as it helps during the post-menopausal period when the estrogen levels are low. Dancing lubricate joints to prevent arthritis.

Improve balance

Balancing might seem like an easy thing to achieve, but it becomes more complicated if you are dealing with different health problems. Also balancing in numerous position can be tricky. Salsa improves balance since the dancer has to master the balancing ability. The ability helps stabilize muscles, protect the core and keep you less prone to injuries. It also helps in strengthening our reflexes and aids in coordination

Improve self-esteem

Because of increased confidence, people who practice salsa and other Latin dance moves feel more comfortable being around others. They love their body moves and how they are, which in turn increases self-esteem and brings increased confidence even outside the class.

Help build stronger and lasting relationship

Dancing is the answer to many relationship issues. In what way you might ask. After joining a dancing class with your spouse, you can relate honestly and passionately to each other. You will also communicate in a unique way that will re-kindle your emotions and help build a rewarding, strong and lasting relationship.

Strengthen your social skill

If you feel like you don’t fit anywhere in the society or you want to find the skill to improve your social skill, take to Latin dancing. Latin dancing helps you access your social skill which in turn improves your social life. You get the opportunity to make and retain new friends.

There are several benefits to Latin dancing. The moves, the skills, and the people to train with will help improve your life. If you are interested in learning Latin dance including salsa, check our Latin Dance Academy at Regain your health in a few steps.

Latin Revolution Dance Academy

At Latin Revolution Dance Academy one thing is for sure, we make sure you are having fun and learning the dance steps that we are teaching. We are always around to answer questions at the dance studio or even through email. It is a great environment at our dance studio with big windows that let a lot of light in.

We are located at

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