5 Core Benefits of Salsa to the Elderly
July 10, 2018

Dancing plays a valuable role in the Latino culture. Latin dancing offers several benefits to the young and old alike Latino or not. In a study by American Heart Association’s Epidemiology/Lifestyle 2016 Scientific Sessions, it suggests that dance programs for senior citizens help improve their physical and mental health. Here are some of the mental and physical benefits that salsa dancing offers senior citizens:

Salsa enhances strength

Elderly adults can increase their strength and balance after just a few weeks of attending a salsa class. A study found in the Gerontology journal states that “Salsa proved to be a safe and feasible exercise program for older adults.”

Alleviate joint stiffness

Older people suffer from knee and hip discomfort. Learning salsa moves and mastering some of them means salsa can be used to alleviate stiffness instead of pain medications. The moves will allow more mobility and flexibility and make walking and moving easier and pain-free.

Help manage your hear

One thing that many senior citizens deal with as they age are heart conditions. However, a study by the University of Illinois in Chicago shows that cha-cha, salsa and other latin dances dramatically improve heart conditions. Salsa can be used to stabilize chronic heart failure and other conditions after a few sessions.

Better posture and improved flexibility

The physical benefits of salsa for the elderly include improved posture and flexibility. Some elders will experience higher levels of energy, greater flexibility and an enhanced sense of achievement. All these are a result of enrolling in a salsa class.

Helps fight depression

Older people sometimes have to deal with depression as they continue to age. Salsa dancing offers the elderly a chance to engage with other people, which in turn help them with their mood swings and other affects that come with old age. Salsa helps people feel less depressed. The elderly also experienced a significant reduction of stress level, anxiety, and insomnia.

Overall, salsa dancing offers more benefits to the elderly than what most people would expect. Aside from improved posture, improved strength performance and even improved productivity, the elderly will also benefit from cognitive improvement, increased mobility, and improved health. A little bit of dance is all that is required to help your elderly relative improve their overall health.

Latin Revolution Dance Academy

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