What You Should Know About Latin Revolution Dance Academy
October 13, 2020
Salsa Dance Dance Studio

Are you looking for salsa dancing lessons?

Check out Latin Revolution Dance Academy, A dance studio in Etobicoke.

We specialize in salsa, cha, and other dance styles.

Contact us now for a free consultation and learn more about the dance studios.

Are you looking for dance studio classes for your children?

We are a full service dance studio for the young at heart.

From the most basic dances to the advanced, our teachers can help you with whatever you may be seeking.

Our mission is simple, to provide the highest level of dance instruction for all ages. – Latin Revolution

I’m not sure which dance studio to take my little girl to for her first dance

Her favorite is Dance Studio, but she doesn’t really dance much.

I’m trying to figure out what they do that will make her learn, and I have some ideas about it myself.”

I saw Latin Revolution Dance Academy in West Toronto

I was looking for a place where I could have lessons for my son and he said it was great.

It’s about 10 minutes away from my house and he says it’s close to his friends’ houses too, so I guess it’s a great place for me to go and get a few lessons.

Is it possible to take a kizomba class at my local dance studio?

Yes, there are a couple of dance studios within a half-mile of my home.

I’m pretty sure they don’t call them kizombas here but instead “cumbia” (Spanish for “flamenca”). It’s a style of dance taught in Cuba. 

What kind of students attend your salsa dance studio?

Mostly, students from low-income neighborhoods and working class folks.

The majority are women and seniors.

But we have a lot of African-American and Hispanic students who also come to our dance studio.

I know they’re going to say hello when I say “good morning.” They tell me how much they enjoy it.

Some come just to have fun.

Are you teaching kids how to salsa dance?

I’m teaching both children and teens how to salsa dance.

Some of the children that I’ve worked with were taught how to salsa dance by their grandparents, and then they went on to become professional ballroom dancers.

Their mommy and daddy took them dancing, but I still work with those kids when they’re young. so they don’t need me as much as the adult dancers do.

When I’m not working with them, I help them choose their own costumes and accessories, because I believe the most important part of learning how to dance is about having fun and enjoying yourself.

What does it mean for me to teach kids how to salsa dance?

I get a lot of satisfaction from helping my students develop their technique and confidence.

I also get a feeling of accomplishment from helping them improve their movements and routines.

As well as the rewards of being able to give them a job that is rewarding, financially and creatively.

Is there a chance that you can have an afternoon session of salsa lessons with my children?

Yes, !

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