Tips For Practicing Salsa Without A Partner
June 24, 2020

The perennially popular salsa dance is a type of dance that involves two people. If you’ve ever attended a salsa dance lesson before, you’ve likely been paired up with a partner to learn the moves. If you want to get better at salsa dancing, however, you don’t always have the luxury of having a dance partner. Sometimes, you have to practice on your own to master the dance. Luckily, even if this is the case, you can still have successful practice sessions.

As a matter of fact, practicing the salsa dance alone may even be beneficial for you as a budding salsa dancer. It allows you to have a laser focus on your technique and other dance elements that you have never paid attention to doing when you’re dancing with a partner. Practicing alone allows you to focus and improve on aspects like foot placement and footwork, timing, leg and hip action, arm styling, and body action.

What’s more, since salsa dancing involves two individual people assuming two different dance roles next to each other, mastering your dance role on your own can significantly improve your performance with your partner. Even if the concept of practicing the salsa dance alone seems silly, it’s the key to getting good at salsa.

If you’re planning on practicing salsa on your own, follow these tips:

Film yourself

When practicing alone, make it a point to record your performances. Before getting started, though, have at least one recorded clip of yourself dancing with a partner so that you can better analyze what elements you need to work on.

When it comes to watching the footage, try to watch the video all the way through without giving it much thought. Afterward, watch them with a more observant eye and identify the parts that don’t look quite right. It would be best if you jotted down a list of your mistakes so that you can find out what your biggest weakness is. It could be stumbling in your footwork, having poor timing, etc.

From your list, focus on only one in your upcoming practice sessions. Once you’ve improved on that skill, you can repeat the process of weakness identification and continually work on other elements that you’re not too happy with. Keep going until you’ve mastered the art of salsa dancing, and don’t forget to celebrate little achievements.

Practice partner shadowing

Shadowing is the act of running through a move or pattern while pretending that you’re dancing with a partner. It’s a practice method that allows you to improve upon your technique without the distraction of a partner. It can help enhance your posture, technique, and footwork. That way, when you’re actually practicing with a partner, you’ve pretty much had everything mastered.

Memorize the steps

Of course, part of practicing is memorizing the moves that you have to execute. In salsa dance, it’s essential to master the steps before integrating them into a pattern or routine. Without a complete mastery of the moves, you’ll have no building blocks to perform a dance routine that you would be proud to call a masterpiece.

It goes without saying that learning salsa is fun and exciting. If you’re based in Toronto and are new to salsa dance and want to improve your moves in the meantime, check out our YouTube channel and attend a salsa class with us today!

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