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October 1, 2020
Bachata Dance

“Is there such a thing as authentic Bachata dance from Dominican Republic?

Check out Latin Revolution Dance Academy in Toronto, a dance academy that offers exciting Bachata Dance Courses. Our instructors know their stuff and are experts in teaching you all that you need to know to start dancing the salsa way! Bachata dance is gaining popularity as an energetic, vibrant form of Dominican Republic cultural expression.”

What do you want to learn from our courses?

Bachata dancing is all about the dance steps and the traditional hip movements. The courses teach us to learn the moves, the music and the history of this great Dominican dance form. Our instructors are experts in this area and have been training students for years.

What else should I expect from our dancing classes?

We believe that you should feel like you are a part of the cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic. You will learn traditional dances, music and techniques from one of the most respected dance schools in Toronto.

Why should you attend Bachata?

There’s more to this ancient dance form than meets the eye – and that’s why we feel it’s important to give you the opportunity to learn how to dance like a true master!

How do I enroll in Bachata?

Simply click on the “Enroll” button next to our online course. You will be asked to select the location, time and type of class you wish to attend. You will also be asked about your interest, fitness level and any special needs you may have.

How do I find out if the instructor at my chosen Bachata dance school is a pro?

You will be able to check out their background information and credentials by reading testimonials or checking with the dance school’s web site. The internet is a great source for detailed information about instructors.

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