Fernando Sosa One Of The Greatest Salsa Dancers
August 20, 2018

Who is Fernando Sosa? You might wonder why you need to know about Fernando Sosa. To start with, Fernando Sosa founded the Tropical Gem Dance Company. Born in Monte Video, Uruguay, Fernando attended an athletic club where he learned the Artistic Gymnastics skills he has today. At the age of 15, Fernando arrived in Italy and met with Alberto Valdes, a great dance teacher who introduced him to Afro-Cuban movement that helped deepen his knowledge and skills as an artist.

In 1998, Fernando Sosa joined with Alberto Valdes and became part of a famous performance group known as Otra Idea. The Otra Idea dance group performed in the United States in cities like Los Angeles and New York City latin dance congresses. During this time, he met a professional dancer Rafael Gonzalez who would add even more substance and skills to the ones Fernando Sosa had already acquired. It was here that Fernando Sosa was introduced to various dance styles including Hip Hop, Rumba, Salsa, Afro, and jazz.

In 2000, together with Rafael Gonzalez, Fernando Sosa decided to try a new plan in creating a dance company that encompassed men and women in all styles of dance. Tropical Gem dance company was formed, which later debuted their dance team in the World Salsa Congress of Milan. Soon the group led by Fernando Sosa danced their way to Barcelona, Valencia, New York, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Athens, London, Sidney, Hamburg, and Berlin among others.

Presently, Fernando Sosa has more than 1,000 students, and has participated in almost every famous Salsa Congresses in the world. Tropical Gem is considered one of the top dance groups in the salsa world by the salsa dancing community. The Sosa style showcases the speed and precision with the beauty of the dance, talent and a smooth mix of Jazz, Salsa, Afro-Cuban and Hip Hop among others. Fernando Sosa and his group have been able to captivate and amaze audiences in every event they are called to participate in.

Following Fernando Sosa’s achievement, schools from various parts of the world are using his salsa curriculum. The curriculum was created by Fernando Sosa to help dance schools effectively teach the art of salsa dancing. One such school is Latin Revolution Dance Academy in Etobicoke, Ontario Canada. Latin Revolution Dance Academy is a dance school certified to teach the Fernando Sosa Salsa curriculum. Fernando Sosa’s curriculum has positively impacted and inspired dancers wanting to learn salsa. To this day his unique creativity, expressive powers and performance ability, along with his positive outlook have been the inspiration behind Latin Revolution Dance Academy’s salsa classes and dance school.

Latin Revolution Dance Academy

At Latin Revolution Dance Academy one thing is for sure, we make sure you are having fun and learning the dance steps that we are teaching. We are always around to answer questions at the dance studio or even through email. It is a great environment at our dance studio with big windows that let a lot of light in.

We are located at

3289 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8W 1M8, Canada

Phone: 647-875-6048

Email: info@latinrevolutiondance.com

Website: www.latinrevolutiondance.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTu9_F_Juawro_hGOGBj6qQ

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