Complimentary Dance Lessons vs Group Dance Lessons
July 10, 2018

Complimentary Dance Lessons

Heading to an event, usually you get a complimentary dance lesson and in some cases you get a couple of complimentary dance lessons in either Salsa or Bachata latin dances. There is usually an instructor from a dance school and they will teach you the basic dance steps in a dance that they are teaching (let’s go with either Salsa or Bachata)

So what is better or what are you trying to take away from the class? When I teach a complimentary dance lesson, I like to let everyone know that if you take away one thing from this dance, either Salsa or Bachata, a technique, one move or the entire pattern then I did my job as a dance instructor. Sometimes, the dance lessons vary in difficulties but you should always remember that it is a complimentary dance lesson and you should be having fun while you are doing the lesson while interacting with everyone else who is there.

Group Lessons

Group lesson are done at a dance school that you have chosen. It’s always important to ask questions about the dance steps, techniques as you are learning your movements. Being punctual and on time is always a good thing as you do not want to disrupt the class when you get there.

Normally, you learn some theory and then apply the practical application to your dance steps. After a few attempts to the pattern or dance steps you have learnt, the Salsa music or Bachata music comes on and you attempt to try out what you have learnt to the music. Eventually, some, may continue on dancing and start to perform on stage or at events or even attempt to compete against others in dance competitions. Regardless of what your goals are you should enjoy the process and ultimately have fun with it.

Latin Revolution Dance Academy

At Latin Revolution Dance Academy one thing is for sure, we make sure you are having fun and learning the dance steps that we are teaching. We are always around to answer questions at the dance studio or even through email. It is a great environment at our dance studio with big windows that let a lot of light in.

We are located at

3289 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8W 1M8, Canada


Phone: 647-875-6048

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