4 Facets of Salsa Dancing That Can Be Developed Without a Partner
June 24, 2020

Latin dances are very complex and active art performances. They aren’t just beautiful, but also an exhilarating way to fall in love with the way your body moves. It is for this reason that many individuals turn towards dance studios to learn salsa—to feel the rush of movement and combine it into captivating art.

Salsa is widely known as a pair act, which is why it’s a surprise to most when finding out that it is, in fact, possible to practice alone. While it’s great to practice your flow of movements with a partner, practicing alone gives you some value-adding insight about your own movements as well.

To help cement that point, here are four major facets of salsa dancing that can be developed without a partner:

Your Timing

One of the most basic tenets of any form of dancing is timing. Musical awareness is a gift that not many are born with, but it is definitely a skill that you can hone to perfection. Moving along to the beat and following the rhythm are foundational dance skills that should be practiced alone.

Honing your skills of recognizing rhythms, instruments, and song structures will help you translate that knowledge when you’re with a partner. You won’t just find yourself easily flowing with the beat, but you will also be able to keep up with people who are more advanced than you are.

Your Basic Steps

Once your timing is locked in, the next part of the process to practice would be your basic steps. Your basic footwork is only as good as your timing, which is why honing your musical awareness should be done first. By locking down the basic steps and drilling it into your system, then you’ll be able to carry yourself through most routines with confidence.

Through constant practice, you can assuredly jump into a partnered dance without fear of making a basic mistake. This is fundamental to your routine, and from it, all movements branch out. For this reason, polishing your basic movement constantly is the key to becoming a better salsa dancer.

Your Advanced Footwork

Now that you’re capable of doing your basic footwork flawlessly, it’s now time to practice more advanced footwork. Shines are the more advanced steps that can go out of your usual timing, allowing some variation to spruce your dancing moves up. By practicing your shines on your own, you can learn the patterns and variations of doing it while also timing it with a partner’s movements.

Your Body Movement

Your body movement will be the key to defining you as a dancer. Drilling yourself with basic footwork and some background knowledge of shines can get you good enough to dance with more advanced partners, but your body movement will make you stand out.

Through exercising your body movement routines, you won’t just get the timing down right, but you’ll also flaunt your skill as a dancer. Best of all, it’s excessively fun to simply let your body flow with the music—a major reason that many get into dance in the first place.


Salsa is a great performance art to learn an practice, both with a partner and alone. By drilling the basics and going from there, you can really learn to enjoy the excitement of the dance while ensuring you move beautifully all throughout your performance!

If you’re looking for a salsa dance studio in Toronto, then Latin Revolution Dance Academy is your best choice. Unfortunately, we are currently postponing classes due to the threat of COVID-19. To help you learn more Latin dance steps from the safety of your home, however, subscribe to our Youtube channel today!

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