For All Latin Dance Classes At Latin Revolution Dance Academy

How long is each dance course and dance classes?
  • Every dance course we offer is 5 weeks long.
  • Dance Classes are once a week
  • Each Dance Class is 60 minutes in length
Do I need a partner to attend dance classes?
  • No, you do not need a partner to attend dance classes
  • When you register a head of time, we try our best to make sure that there are an equal number of ladies to men
Is there parking at the dance studio?
Yes there is. We have street parking in front of the dance studio, on the north side of the street and on the side street next to us
Do I have to pay for parking when attending dance classes?
  • The answer is yes and no.
  • Most of our group dance classes start during the week at 7pm.
  • Parking is free after 6pm on Monday – Saturday and it is free all day Sunday.
  • If you are taking private lessons or other group classes during the day then the cost of parking is $1.00 per hour
Do You Offer Private Lessons?
  • Yes we offer private lessons
  • You must pay for the private lessons a head of time
  • Once confirmation of payment has been made, a date a time will be created and scheudle that works for everyone
How much are private dance lessons?
  • You can find that information using the following link
How much are dance classes?
  • Our dance classes vary in price depending if you wanted to take 1 course or several courses.
  • You can find all the information by clicking the link
What do I wear in class?
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Then a smooth soled shoe for men and women will do.
  • Jazz shoes or dance sneakers are also an option for those who like comfortable flat shoes.
  • Salsa shoes for ladies, heels with a strap around the ankle are preferred unless you never wear heels.
  • No flip-flop sandals, or thick rubber soled shoes as these shoes can cause injury.
Are there refunds?
Sorry unfortunatly, we do not offer refunds
When do your group dance classes start?
  • Our group dance classes start every five weeks.
  • To see when the next session of group classes are, please click on this link
I have taken dance lessons at other dance studios do I need an assessment?
  • Of course you do
  • Every student that would like to attend our dance classes and by pass level 1 dance lessons in any style of dance that we teach, will have to take a free assessment
  • To schedule a free dance assessment, email us at info@latinrevolutiondance.com
Where do you teach your group dance classes and private dance lessons?
  • We teach all of our group classes and private dance lessons at our professional dance studio.
  • We are located at 3289 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, Ontario Click here to see a map of where we are